This hit me hard.

Really damn hard.

Prince stage

I couldn’t write about it and really still can’t articulate it.

A musical genius and an obsession of mine for over thirty years.  My favorite musician of all time.  (I’ve referenced my affection for Prince on this blog before.)

Some of my favorite songs beyond the totally well-known, all of which I love too:

1. Hands down, my favorite – The Cross (From Sign O’ The Times – Love the way the instruments build, the message, the layering.  Perfection.  Turn it up LOUD.)

2.  Seven (From the Love Symbol album)

3.  Days of Wild  (From Crystal Ball)

4.  Forever in My Life (From Sign O’ The Times)

5.  Tick, Tick, Bang (From Graffiti Bridge)

6.  1999 (From 1999.  Everyone’s favorite, but it reminds me of my sister K and listening to the song and watching the video, ALOT)

7.  Holy River (From Emancipation)

8.  Raspberry Beret (From Around the World in a Day.  Well-known but the Misses love it!)

9.  P. Control (From The Gold Experience.  Dirty song, but I love singing it – alone and very loud)

10. Blue Light (From the Love Symbol album)

11. She’s Always in my Hair (A B-Side from Around the World in a Day)

12. Elephants and Flowers (From Graffiti Bridge)

“Sometimes it snows in April / Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad / Sometimes I wish life was never ending, / And all good things, they say, never last…”  – “Sometimes it snows in April” from Under the Cherry Moon



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