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Going through the backlog as mentioned here

What did we try during March?  Here’s the lineup, with no photos because I suck:

Started with Herbal Iced Tea from Ina Garten‘s Barefoot Contessa Family Style.  Caffeine-free and made with apple juice instead of water – really refreshing and the Misses really liked!  I made this again and again over the summer!

I found a fun new website for my vegan dabbling – The Garden Grazer.  Really inspired by it and all the yummy recipes on it.  I tried a few recipes from it, including this yummy vegan Lentil Orzo Soup one night when D was out of town (he is lentil-averse for some stupid reason – they’re delicious).  This is a really nice, hearty soup with lots of veggies, nice flavor, and also really quick to throw together.

I also tried Kale Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Roasted Chickpeas.  The salad was yummy but mostly in small doses.  I enjoyed it for a few days, on wraps or on my breakfast toast – but a huge bowl was too much.  The chickpeas were yummy, but I need to work on the roasting time as some were nice and crunchy and some weren’t.  I need to make again and work on the chickpea timing, but a good start!

Another vegan recipe from Gourmet magazine, May 1993 – Black Bean Tostadas with Curly Endive Salad.  I really liked this super easy recipe.  I used flour tortillas and baked them rather than frying them to make it a healthier recipe.  Love the flavor of the beans and avocado, and this will be in a regular rotation around here!

I made a dinner of “Barbecued” Tofu, Baked Herb Risotto, and Sauteed Spinach.  All fine and easy, but nothing too outstanding.  The tofu was good, the spinach a little too much olive oil, and the risotto was ok.  Nothing that I really need to flag for later.

I made a 1950s Tuna Noodle Casserole that the Misses seemed to like fine, but I didn’t think it was any great shakes.  Would rather have my mom’s. 🙂

Another Garden Grazer vegan dinner – Roasted Veggie Wraps with Bean Spread. Yummo.  Really loved these and plenty leftover for lunch the next day!

Another vegan dinner that could fool even the heartiest carnivores – Garlicky Grilled Portobello Mushroom Tacos with Smoky Tomato-Chile Salsa from Rick Bayless’ Mexico One Plate at a Time.  Big fan of Bayless and haven’t been disappointed by any of his recipes yet!

I made Cranberry Orange Muffins for the Misses, but I actually liked them more than they did.  As usual. So muffins for me.  These were good, not my super favorites, but I did like them.

Loved this Creamy Cilantro-Lime Dressing as a vegan sandwich spread/salad dressing!  Tart, fresh and cilantro-y.  Ate every last bit of it.

12 new recipes filed away this month, but thankfully they were really delish for the most part!  Lots to make again!


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